Snip, Sew, Snap photowalk

A few weeks ago, I was joined by some local friends, Emily and Vicky, to take part in a photo walk that we shared live on Instagram. You can watch the whole thing here.

I thought I would share some of the images that we took here.

We started by taking some photos of Emily against a lovely shaded bit of foliage in the park.

We tried to relax Emily, who is a very reluctant model, by getting her to move and trying to make her laugh for a nice natural shot.

We then showed how different camera angles can have a dramatic effect on the final picture. Here I am straight on:

Here I am shot from above:

And again from below:

I personally prefer the last image, as it makes me look taller, and at only 5’2″, I’ll take all the extra height I can get! I find this is particularly important when wearing midi or maxi dresses, as when shot from above or straight on, I can look completely swamped!

This photo of Emily shows how angles and composition are key. At this angle, it appears as it there is a mushroom growing out of the top of her head!

Whereas this angle looks much better:

Go and check out the video to see lots more tips about how to get out and photograph your makes!

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