New Logo


It’s all go at the moment.  I am really throwing myself into making a change from the 9-5 and focusing on trying to make a living from what I enjoy.

A random act of kindness has landed me a sparkly new logo.  I am so pleased with it – very fresh and modern and it sums up what I am about.  All for the price of a pint!  Credit for the artwork goes to a colleague of mine, James Tonizzo, who designs in his spare time, but I think he is ignoring his true calling!

LSA logo green

It is all starting to feel much more real now that there is artwork!  I have business cards on order and can’t wait to get my mitts on them next week!

I’ve managed to hit up a few fabric shops over the last couple of days, building up both my stash and my to do list.

My sewing room has also had a slight makeover, in the form of some shelves, courtesy of my lovely other half, Alex.

Alex shelves

I did have a slight disaster before they went up as I dropped them on my foot.  Luckily nothing broken, just a bit battered and bruised.

I have also put up some gorgeous pictures from a project by my very talented friend Lisa-Maria – please check out her work here.

So, exciting times ahead.  Now back to the sewing machine!

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