Bianca’s Penny Erin Combo

Bianca from Sleepless In Bavaria has shared her first post for the LSA Blog Squad – a sweet skirt and top that is the most chic combo ever!


For a number of weeks, I have been part of the Like Sew Amazing Blog Squad for the online shop of the lovely Sarah. (I met Sarah, while I was still living in the UK!!) Sarah sells a wonderfully, curated selection of fabrics and notions and ships out your orders in WARP-Speed! (My last package arrived in my mailbox within 3 days!)

For my first project, I decided on this cotton from Cotton and Steel. My plan was initially to sew up another Penny dress, but the fabric didn’t have enough drape (something Sarah had warned me about… but I didn’t listen..), so I had to have a long think about what I wanted to sew. Then I saw the below outfit from Mango that fashion Bloggers such as The Londoner, posted about and I couldn’t believe the similarity the outfit had with the Sew over It Erin Skirt and Penny Top. You know what followed next!

I sewed the Erin skirt up using size 12 and made sure to match up the pattern of the fabric, as best as I could. As for the Penny Top, I used this Tutorial and lengthened the top by 9 cm so that I would be able to wear it with jeans, as well. I must confess that I was still a bit ambivalent about the top until I finished sewing it and put it on… BUT I LOVE IT! I used buttons that I had in my stash. I think I needed about 1,5 hours for each garment and I really love it, when I can quickly sew up something I really love.

I’ve already worn my new summer combo a few times and it really works well with other preexisting garments I already have in my closet. Sometimes you just need to be inspired by a current ready to wear look to spruce up your wardrobe!



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