Monthly Archives: February 2017

Me and Jasmine

The Seamstress Tag

I’ve been meaning to take part in the Seamstress Tag, which was set up by Hollie Dolly and has been going around for a few months now. I thought the launch of my new website was a great chance to take part and tell you a bit more about me. The questions: 1) Who are […]


Sewing with Velvet

I have made two Moneta dresses (bringing my grand total to 5!) out of stretch velvet recently. One is a stunning midnight blue and the other is a gorgeous burgundy (I managed to track down some more of the fabric I used to make my pencil skirt). I have also made some velvet scrundies, my […]

January round up

Firstly a big hello and welcome to all of my new subscribers! I heard a lot of talk from other sewists saying that they felt like they had lost their “sew-jo” during January – cold weather, post Christmas lull and not much inspiration being the main culprits. I have to say though, that for me, […]